Professional Advice

We have long term experience in dealing with professional advisers such as accountants, solicitors and IFAs in order to assist them in providing investment solutions to their clients in areas where they are not a specialist. We can tailor a service to meet the requirements of clients, whilst still working closely with the adviser.

Charities & Foundations

We offer a bespoke, segregated Discretionary Portfolio management service for charities. Unlike many other investment managers today, we do not base our services on the use of common investment funds or wholly using collective vehicles.

With international interest rates at historically low levels many charities which have maintained a high cash position no longer benefit from the level of deposit interest to which they have become accustomed. We have the long term experience and skill to help charities overcome these challenges.

Corporate Clients

Many businesses often choose to enhance returns available to them on their liquid assets by adopting an investment strategy which may include a number of alternatives other than simple bank deposits. We work with many corporate clients and are able to suggest a number of ways to enhance returns.

Pension Funds

Since the introduction of both Self-Invested Personal Pension Schemes (“SIPPS”) and Small Self Administered Schemes (“SSAS”), our team have been actively involved in the management of the underlying pension assets. We have close working relationships with a number of businesses which provide the SIPP / SSAS wrapper and are happy to assist any client wishing to invest their pension in this way. We are also happy to take on the management of existing schemes if required.


S&T’s investment managers have long experience in the management of trusts. The duties of trustees have become more defined with recent legislation and they must, in relation to the management of the trust, exercise the reasonable care which a prudent person would do in relation to their own finances, including obtaining appropriate professional advice on matters outside their personal experience or knowledge.

Investment portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis, with all mandates bespoke to the requirements of the trust. To further assist with administration, trustees will benefit from S&T’s total reporting package to reduce the heavy burden of paperwork.

Equity portfolios can rise and fall in value and an investor may get back less than they originally invested. Due to the risks a prospective investor is required to complete our Client Questionnaire & Agreement Form to allow us to ascertain if the investment vehicle is suitable for you.