December 5th, 2015

David Kennard Chartered FCSI Partner

After 18 years as an Officer in the Irish Guards, David joined Christopher Saunders in business in 1986 and helped to establish the firm of Tutton & Saunders Limited in 1990 which later became Savoy Investment Management Limited. He was a main Board Director of its parent company Savoy Asset Management Plc, an asset management company managing £1.2 billion of funds, until its takeover by Syndicate Asset Management in 2006. Following this David remained a Director of Savoy Investment Management Limited, one of the main subsidiaries of Syndicate Asset Management Plc. He resigned from Savoy Investment Management in 2009 and joined S&T Asset Management LLP as a Partner in April 2010. David has over 20 years’ experience as a Private Client Fund Manager.

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